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Avis Malaysia

Avis Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.: A Leading Name in Car Rental Services globally, under management of Eon Malaysia, has gone through transformation of workspace as part of their business expansion plan. We incorporated Avis Malaysia's brand identity, including its color scheme, logo, and values, into the design concept.

The design concept for Avis Malaysia's portfolio commercial interior and renovation project revolves around the notion of a "Journey of Ride." This theme was carefully chosen to align with Avis's core values and the experience they strive to deliver to their customers. We captured the essence of this concept through various design elements and details, creating an immersive environment that celebrates the joy and excitement of travel.

  1. Elegantly Dynamic Spaces: Fluid spatial arrangements and curved lines create a seamless flow, reflecting the flexibility of Avis's services.
  2. Iconic Branding and Color Palette: Avis's signature red and sophisticated neutrals combine to establish a stylish and timeless atmosphere.
  3. Innovative Technology Integration: State-of-the-art interactive displays and smart systems enhance the visitor experience and streamline operations.
  4. Ergonomic and Comfortable Spaces: Meticulously designed ergonomic elements prioritize comfort and productivity for Avis employees and customers.

By infusing Avis's slogan, "We Try Harder," into every aspect of the design, they have successfully captured the essence of the brand and created a space that not only reflects Avis's values but also inspires and engages visitors.