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The exterior and the interior design of an office is a reflection of the business/company it houses.

  • Renovating a business doesn’t require changing the whole brand, flow, or dynamic. Even a small upgrade can give a workspace or office better ambiance and may increase productivity.

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Partition Walls

Drywall Partitions

Drywall partitions are usually made from enhanced gypsum plaster boards that use popularly used to divide interior spaces in offices, schools, homes and other building uses.

The use of regularised drywall partitions can be systematically portioned to create individual sections of spaces. Despite being makeshift walls, they are strong and robust enough to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance.

Drywalls can come with soundproof or fireproof properties, which make them suitable for office spaces and meeting rooms to prevent the entrance of nearby noise.

Benefits of Drywall Partition

  • Quick installation
    Drywall partitions consume less water than other types of wall partitions. It therefore requires much less time to erect a drywall, up to three to four times faster, than compared with a masonry wall.
  • Lightweight and Flexible
    Drywalls are lightweight in nature compared to a concrete or bricks wall, thereby reducing the cost of construction. Due to its lightweight property, it is a highly flexible option that allows users to customise wall partitions based on specific requirements and space planning.
  • Sound and Thermal Insulation Properties
    Drywalls can help create soundproof partitions to reduce noise generated from outside or adjacent rooms. They are also excellent thermal insulators, improving the efficiency of air conditioning by keeping areas cool.
  • Fire Protection
    Drywall is made of a fire-resistant material and takes around an hour before it catches fire in the event of fire emergencies.
  • Aesthetic Value
    Despite its material, drywall has a smooth surface appearance and visually looks no different from a regular concrete wall. This allows it to be easily painted or decorated on. Wallpapers can also be installed on it to provide specific finishings on the surface.
  • Environmentally-friendly
    Drywalls are made of gypsum plaster boards that are highly environmentally friendly. In addition to requiring little water, they can be recycled easily and reused.

Glass Partitions

Glass walls and partitions are perfect solutions to introduce openness and transparency to balance privacy in interior settings. Our glass wall systems efficiently organise private and semi-public areas, allowing smooth transitions and visual connectivity across spaces. Our solutions are available in framed and frameless glass walls to meet various aesthetic goals.

Greater transparency in the workplace can help promote an organisation’s culture through sustained visual contact and facilitate flexible ways of communication and working. Transparency also encourages daylight into the workplace, improving the overall well-being of workers in the long run.

Office Partitions

Drywall partitions allow for flexible office space-planning especially on an open-plan office. Using a variety of heights and transparency, space and hierarchy can be carved out into a fully functional office that suits to the ever-changing needs of the organisation.

The flow of space and organisation of the cubicle or individual desk space expresses the culture of the organisation, allowing for desired movement of personnel, information and coordination between working units.

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