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The exterior and the interior design of an office is a reflection of the business/company it houses.

  • Renovating a business doesn’t require changing the whole brand, flow, or dynamic. Even a small upgrade can give a workspace or office better ambiance and may increase productivity.

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best value

We will assure your end results of the dream office will be what have been shown and within said budget.

best materials

We ensure your office renovation and designs enable people and things interact most efficiently and safely.

saving time

We will assure your end results of the dream office will be what have been shown and within said budget.

Leasing Services/Temporary Office Solutions

Are your company looking for future expansion or need temporary increase of headcounts due to project requirements?EzyOffice is not only your friendly commercial turnkey solutions provider, we are also able provide wholistic leasing solutions together with EzyLease.

Our leasing options save you time and money with a streamlined process that takes care of all your office details, providing you with the best solutions for your workplace that maximizes your capital and increases your profits.

With our own manufacturing facilities, we can customise office system for leasing based on different requirements for our clients.

The Benefits Of Leasing

  1. CONSERVE WORKING CAPITAL - Cash isn’t tied up in overhead; it’s free for income-producing investments.
  2. NO DOWN PAYMENT - A security deposit of 1 month with 2 months rental deposit is all we require.
  3. PAYMENT FLEXIBILITY - We provide multiple payment options.
  4. CONSERVE CASH - Leasing covers 100% of the office furniture cost with room to add soft costs such as interior design. It also allows affordable monthly payments instead of a large cash outlay for the equipment and furniture purchases for your project.
  5. TAX ADVANTAGES - Depending upon option at maturity, you may be able to expense 100% of the monthly lease payments. Ask your tax advisor how this can work for you.

We’re happy to give you quotes, answer your questions about our modern office furniture designs, or even discuss your requirements in detail.