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The exterior and the interior design of an office is a reflection of the business/company it houses.

  • Renovating a business doesn’t require changing the whole brand, flow, or dynamic. Even a small upgrade can give a workspace or office better ambiance and may increase productivity.

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We will assure your end results of the dream office will be what have been shown and within said budget.

Electrical Works & Security Systems

Office Electrical Contractor Services by EzyOffice – Every modern office renovation needs electricity; offices need electricity for daily tasks and also for keeping the office conducive. We will plan and arrange for office electricians to work on the electrical installations of your offices, and at the same time ensure that safe practices are always adhered to during the office restoration.

A modern office redecoration has electrical appliances and also electrical accessories being fitted, and for both the appliances and the accessories to work, there is a need something called an electrical circuit, but we won’t have electrical circuits if the office is not yet wired; so it is in a chain, one leads to another. Let’s now discuss some of the best practices when it comes to choosing appliances, accessories and wiring.

Office Electrical Wiring - We have two different types of electrical wiring in the office, one is conduit and the other one is surface, what are the differences and which is most likely the best for offices? In the next two paragraphs, I will highlight the differences between the both.

Conduit - What is conduit wiring? Conduit wiring is a type of electrical wiring that requires the hiding of all electrical wires and electrical connections from the eyes. This type of office refurbishment wiring is very safe and durable; though it may cost more than the other type of wiring, it keeps the walls neat and also tidy.

Surface - Surface wiring, as the name implies, talks about a type of electrical wiring that is visible to the eyes, in contrast to the conduit wiring system, surface wiring suffers easily from mechanical damages and it also makes the walls look untidy after the office revamping is completed.

So, a modern office makeover should have most likely, a conduit type of electrical wiring, because it is neater and more economical way of office reconditioning. Many of the offices around us today use this type of wiring as it is even more durable.

Electrical Accessories - Electrical accessories can be said to be office electrical fittings, it can also be said to be electrical outlets in the office. An office rehabilitation without electrical accessories like sockets, switches, and some other electrical outlets can be said to still be incomplete. One thing that we usually notice in a good office overhauling is that, outlets (sockets) are fixed close to office workstations. When these are being fitted close to the workstations, they (the users) will experience a very tidy and neat work area, as there will be no cables and connections running about the room and across the floor. The office repair should also have enough lighting fittings for illuminating purposes as this will make for a better and a user-friendly office.

Electrical Appliances - Electrical appliances are devices that need electricity as its primary source of power. Many of us have televisions, refrigerators, fans, air conditioners, computers, printers and scanners at the offices, these set of devices are called electrical appliances. An office will usually have one or more of the above stated appliances. When the appliances are modern, neat, and in good working conditions, we tend to enjoy the comfort it exhumes.

Obviously, technology is here to stay. Having the most comprehensive electrical works coupled with the latest in technologies in the office redevelopment will always be beneficial to ensure work carry-on safely. When an office has the best electrical works and the best of appliances and accessories, it will present an even more professional image than it would have been made to look before the office rebuilding was done.

Contact us today to find out more about EzyOffice‘s Office Electrical Contractor Services for your office renovation, to wire up your office without burning a hole in your pocket!