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Allnex GBS Asia

Allnex is a global producer of industrial coating resins and additives for architectural, industrial, protective, automotive and special purpose coatings and inks. Designed to client's new global strategy & direction, client sought for combination of traditional & activity-based work environment to accommodate the transition of different generations of employees.

Inspired by client's corporate identity & the nature of business, our team design the space with transition of space, materials & colours. The diachronic glass represents the corporate colours & implicates their products. The space itself, shift in between serious & formal tone room, to a vibrant & open environment, which will help user shift space, moods & mindsets. While diverse, the zones complete each other. The usage of colour shifting materials are highly curated with a touch of balance from trees outside of the building & abundance of sun light. making users to feel utmost comfort when coming back to office.

Size: 12,300 sqft