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Black beauty

Design Details

Inspired by the movie "black beauty" written by Anna Sewell, this design template used the colour elements being written in the novel to such as yellow for the taxi, wood to represent the horse stable, and of course black as the black beauty. Mixing with a touch of greenery represents the field in countrysides where black beauty runs freely. All of these combinations have seemingly created a very modern & bold statement for any founders who would like to showcase their company. 

Price inclusive of 6% SST

  • 29,999.00
  • https://www.ezyoffice.com.my/images/design-template/750Sqft-Specsheet.pdf
  • https://www.ezyoffice.com.my/images/design-template/1000Sqft-Specsheet.pdf
  • https://www.ezyoffice.com.my/images/design-template/1500Sqft-Specsheet.pdf

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We furnish transparent estimation to your needs to avoid unnecessary dispute and miscommunication. With our pre-designs selections, time & effort are better off endeavor into own businesses and leave the office renovation in our hands.

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