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May 06, 2020

The 8 new norms in workspace

There comes a time when every company must face the inevitable dilemma what to do after pandemic, what will be the best practise to safe guard employees health and at the same time maintain productivity. Too much uncertainty in the macro environment causing that businesses take trumbling steps when making decision, and understanding the importance on helping entreprenurs to clear their path, I have summarized 8 changes that soon becoming a reality in very near future. 

Resizing of office space

First and foremost, with the current pandemic, many businesses has now choice but to opt for reducing their office size in order to keep the operation cost low & remain afloat under this unpredictable future. We will gradually elaborate on what could be the new norm in the following.

Reception area

One of the most important area of any businesses branding & image will never be the same again. Restricted numbers of people will be serve at a time, with 1m distancing while queuing up, meaning either a larger reception area or well optimized space will soon be seen. Along with requirement on new equipment to monitor visitor’s temperature, contactless registration, remote gate opening & automated sanitizing. Parcel receiving will soon have designated area together with contactless signed off to avoid unnecessary physical contact.

Safe Zones

Prevention is always better than cure, offices or building may soon have dedicated space for suspected disease carrier. Management could consider double up the usage of available sleeping pods, call booths as isolation area before medical personnel’s arrival to send the employees for better treatment.

Say goodbye to open plan

We foresee social distancing becomes a necessity for a longer-term future, would there be a need for higher dividing panels, wider settings between tables or enclosed individual working spaces? For companies with existing setup, there will be more portable dividers available shortly anywhere to add-on to the tables.

Smaller meeting room

Once office has gone through resizing practise, meeting rooms will also become smaller being part of practise of social distancing. Under the guideline from Malaysia government in early May, no meeting with more than 10 people will be allowed, and spacing between each participants shall minimum 3.5ft/1m apart.

Virtual space

Since the pandemic breakout, most of the country’s government has instructed movement restriction order for a minimum of 30 days, work has no choice but to be digitalize as much as possible. Management has to shift tasks monitoring, collaboration & meeting online. Work will never be seen the same again even after lifting of MRO.

Pantry space

To exercise social distancing, the pantry in workspace may no longer be as open as it is in future. A higher standard of hygiene practice will be in place, where employees may have to be disinfect before entering. Follow with 1.8m/6ft spacing between each other when gathering, maybe dividers will be added for further prevention of disease outbreak in pantry.

Optimized work from home setups,

“Beyond typical office jobs, home takes on a whole new meaning as individuals and families figure out new ways to balance their work-life needs within the confines of their space. Expect setups at home that go far beyond a second screen. People will bring in special equipment, machines, and advanced video/audio setups to accommodate this change in lifestyle.” – Low Touch Economy

Our team is still observing the behaviour from our clients & peers on what possible outcome. For now at least, no one will be able to predict or determine what is the best practise for future working environment. The time will tell & we will keep on updating on this post.


Written by : Kenny Teo, Managing Director of EzyOffice, EzyLease

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