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August 18, 2021

How Long Does An Office Renovation Take?

After design concepts & renovation plan has been confirmed, here comes the most “exciting” part of all, the construction phase. As the office rental cost can be costly, business owners usually wish to it can complete soon and so they can start doing business. So what are the important factors which could possibly affect the progress?

  1. Constantly adjusting the renovation plan

Before the renovation commence at site, owners should check through the design plan carefully to avoid any ad hoc changes during the construction. Otherwise, not only this will cause project delays, but also waste materials and human resources. If the adjustment is necessary, owners should modify it after the completion of construction. Amending any single part during the renovation could slow down the entire process.

  1. Prepare the renovation materials early

Insufficient materials on site during the construction could lead to project delays. To avoid that, it is utmost important to pre-order sufficient materials according to the bills of quantity (BQ) or material lists and have it deliver to site according to project timeline.

  1. Modification of the main structure

Sometimes, office renovation involves the modification of the structure, such as wall demolition, bricklaying, post-renovation cleaning etc. The timeline will extend relatively if the new office requires any large structural modification works.

  1. Plumbing and electrical works

If structures are the backbone of an office, so plumbing and electrical works will be the veins because business operations cannot operate without it. Not only the process is complicated, but also very time-consuming as it involves many trades from firefighting, plumbing, electrical, and sometimes gas too. The whole process includes slotting, wiring, pipe routing, testing & commissioning etc. The amount of time needed highly depends on the complexity of the project. However, we could reduce the length of time needed by designing these according to what is already available within the building.

  1. Inspection

For some renovation projects, client would need to inspect & approve the work before moving on to the next construction stage. If the client is not satisfied, contractors will have to rectify it, which will definitely delay the project. Nowadays, many construction/renovation projects are paid by project phases. If the client does not pay on time, it will also affect the progress as the project might come to a halt.

Further from the 5 points we have mentioned above, the size of the project, it’s complexity & also project management systems are also the few factors that will affect project time frame. In order to ensure the renovation is done in accordance to requirement & move swiftly, the client can maintain good communication with project manager, following up on the progress.

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