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June 05, 2022

Calling out for blue colour office lovers!

Blue represent calm, love and dreams. A blue series office will bring out the innocence and creativity vibe! How to use blue color to design a creative and fun office?

              Blue and greys goes well super well. Grey white flooring, clean lines and natural bright lighting, clean white ceiling and clean white walls. Throw in blue acoustic panel or blue divider or even a blue featured wall! Design like that applies in the lobby area shows how this company is creative. This design let people feel relaxed and clear headed. Very suitable to have this design in venues such as meeting room, workstations and lobby area.

  1. Blue as the key color expression in the space. It is presented on the wall, top and floor of the discussion area and break out area in a more extreme way, forming a very outstanding space. Soft wood finishes and light colored rugs to create a peaceful and comfy environment. The furniture design for blue space is also very interesting. Without the need of physical partition walls or divider, the space are divided clearly by the clear and powerful use of color, creating a simple and strong character office environment.
  1. The minimalist blue office design. The traditional clean, bright, white office. Everything looks dense and formal, in short, looks boring and plain. A splash of blue on a corner of a white wall or a floating shelf or even both. Breaking the silence of formality. From a bland space to a homely feeling office. An additional help of placing plants in the office will make employees to fell in love working in an office like this.
  1. Blue based office design. The loud blue color connects all the partition of the office together forming the core center of the office. Using based color for other space in the office to help tone down the loud color and makes it more comfortable in the eyes. White furniture, grey flooring, black ceiling and bright lighting. 

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